is a poet, visual artist, sound healer and dancer committed to both light and shadow work and everything in between. She creates on behalf of the earth and all its creatures to awaken our inner healers, connect with nature's rhythms and foster the rewilding of our planetary consciousness.

She grew up in the North Shore of Boston, MA and has lived in New York City, New Mexico and throughout the U.S. as a nomad. She earned her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English & American Literature from New York University in 2004. In 2014, she acquired her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher (YTT-200) certification from Yogaspirit and Reiki level II certification in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition. She graduated from Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s 625 Hour Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor program (AHC) in 2016. 

From 2006-2015 she ran a freelance marketing business channeling her digital media and writing skills and showed her visual art in New York City, Albuquerque, NM and Boston, MA. In 2016 she joined the Kerala Ayurveda USA team as Creative Communications Manager. She channels her combined marketing, advertising, art and ancient wisdom to spread content seeds that elevate the attention economy, promote healing and radical planetary growth.

In her dedication to preserving and sharing the Vedas, she advocates for respect of indigenous wisdom, decolonization, cultural sensitivity and intercommunication. 

Her debut publication Moonlight and Shadows: A Poetic Discourse on Ayurveda and Yoga in the West was released in June 2023 to support yoga and ayurvedic students, professionals and enthusiasts on the Vedic path. Learn more here →

Her second publication is anticipated Spring 2024: a collection of poetry – a yogi's and Veda lover's little companion of verses.

Jamila currently lives in Northern Massachusetts where she is a devoted priestess of the local wild and waters. You can find her musings on Instagram @jamilacat.

Stay tuned for more Moonlight and Shadows, meditations, courses and sound journeys.