Real Talk on Ayurveda & Yoga in the West on Elements of Ayurveda Podcast

I was an honored guest on the Elements of Ayurveda podcast with Colette Kent this month, and let me start by saying that Colette’s contribution to the ayurvedic community and the wellbeing of our world is massive. She has recorded hundreds of episodes with loads of information about Vedic medicine and lifestyle, featuring a powerful roster of guests. Being a part of this podcast is an indescribable gift.

In the spirit of this episode’s title – “real talk”: it’s not easy talking about my own vulnerable aspects of illness and healing, and perhaps even harder to talk about the disturbing systemic illness of social injustice. As a white woman who shows up for these conversations with a lot to learn (that is scary and humbling) as well as a pile of white guilt to process, finding the “right” words can feel intimidating.

This fear in the form of perfectionism is one of the major hurdles that the white spiritual and wellness community (and everyone benefiting from them) needs to face in order to address its inequities.

Perfectionism is known as a pitta dosha imbalance in ayurveda. Pitta is made up of fire πŸ”₯ and water πŸ’¦ elements. Not metaphorically, but literally. Pitta provides the power to transform. When I step out of the imbalance of perfectionism and my attempt to control things (speak perfectly, act perfectly, don’t offend anyone, don’t misstep) – which can be a defense mechanism – then pitta’s innate blessings can come through…

Pitta blessings like the fire to…
πŸ”₯ be brave and take risks

πŸ”₯ show up passionately in the face of injustice

πŸ”₯ take action!

πŸ”₯ love fiercely and burn brightly so others can feel the warmth of this healing fire

Colette was keen to discuss cultural appropriation, one of the topics in my book Moonlight and Shadows, as well as my healing journey struggling with chronic fatigue, pursuing my purpose with writing and finding peace in the moment in my body. I am grateful for the opportunity to bravely share this conversation with you and spread this fire with others, so we can let go of the guilt, anger, shame and fear that holds us back and oppresses others, and step forward with more love, devotion and equity. You can listen to the podcast here.

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